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 Ont regarde l'ecran!

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Date d'inscription : 11/08/2016
Age : 26

MessageSujet: Ont regarde l'ecran!   Ven 12 Aoû - 23:58

Alors que les gens attend la suite des choses voici que l'ecran du Titantron s'anime pour y voir le nouveau duo de la compagnie en Ryan et Tony: Le Duo de Choc.

''Ladies and Gentlemen, my name... Is Ryan Wilson! The Jerk with a Mouth! President of the Wilsonites and an all around bonified stud! Rocking the mask and the mic like I rock your girlfrields on a daily basis. #JoelGertnerEatYourHeatOut. Next to me? A man of dangerous capacities, the true BEAST of any federations and a devastating force unlike any other! My friends, I present you Tony ''The BRUJAH'' St-Michel!

At Hell in A Cell we made out presence known to your world CAW Universe! And we did it in spectacular fashion!
We could've gone after any of your titles, we could've NWO'ed out way to the top by roughing up your Administration in Sandow and that other guy. But no, we decided to make an impact that will be remembered!
We went for your big guys! For your impact players, we went for those who are a ''threat'' not to us but to everybody else.

You all saw what we did, I don't need to remind you. YouTube's your friend if you lack the mental capacities for remembering.
So what I will say is this: We didn't do it because of personal hatred for our targets, our preys no, we did it because we could and we felt it was the best way to go.
So Wild Crusher, Mattev (Sounds like Mattel, you know, the toy company?) you can take it personnal if you want but for us it was strictly business.

And of course: We will do it again! Be it against you or anyone else on this roster.
No one is safe. No one should be safe! No one will be safe. We're here to do what we want, we're here to have some fun doing it. Well, I am. Big Tony here just loves to crush bones and see blood flowing. You don't like it? It's not our problem!
Because we're not here for you! We're here to help ourselves! So if Sandow or anyone in the Administration doesn't like our way of operation you can always kiss our spandex covered asses!

I look forward to the next show, to see Tony wreck Wild Crusher actually.
To continue what was started at the Pay-Per-View and to begin his way to World Championship glory. Tony's a lean, mean, wrecking machine and believe it it's not a copy-cat like Wild Crusher who's a problem for the Brujah. It's funny, both have the same moves to finish off the other. But Brujah has something Crusher doesn't have and it'll be on display in a few days. Suplex City? No, something much better. But much worse for Crusher.

On my on the Intercontinental plateau I am facing Nano, King Fargas' buddy! The perfect opportunity to show what I can do and send a message to his Royal Asshat-ness! Nano I don't know you and I don't care about you truth be told. So you have a choice: You give me all you got and we have a blast and of course I win, or you make it easy for me and lay down for a quick pin so I can spare you about 10 minutes of the worse night of your life. It's your choice really. Either way I'm going to move forward in the tournament.

Le Duo de Choc es ici pour brasser la poutine!
Ont es la pour brasser de la merde et batir notre renommer.
Vous etes pas content? Allez vous plaindre au patrons.
Mais nous ont es la pour faire notre boulot.

L'ecran se ferme et le texte suivant apparait:

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Ont regarde l'ecran!
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